Jura 13339 Impressa Z5 Review

Finding the ideal coffee preparation is a never-ending quest for those who love coffee. Those who place a premium on ease of use and coffee’s overall quality may consider purchasing a high-end espresso machine.

The Jura 13339 Impressa Z5 is a tremendous powerhouse among coffee machines, and it’s only one of many alternatives out there.

From its innovative features and construction to its reliable operation and simple upkeep, this review covers it all. The Jura 13339 Impressa Z5 is a coffee connoisseur’s dream machine, and we’re going to show you why.

I. Design and Build Quality

Espresso machines are an investment, therefore it’s important that they look good and last a long time. The Jura 13339 Impressa Z5 is a showpiece for any kitchen because it excels in both of these categories.

1. Aesthetics

The striking appearance of the Jura 13339 Impressa Z5 is the first thing that catches the eye. This well-made appliance can be easily integrated into any existing kitchen design scheme. Even the most sophisticated coffee connoisseurs will be impressed by the sleek sophistication of its polished stainless steel body.

2. Build Quality

The Jura 13339 Impressa Z5 is not just good-looking on the outside; it is also quite sturdy. The machine’s sturdy build and top-notch components guarantee years of reliable service. Every part, from the sturdy drip tray to the dependable brewing mechanism, is well-made.

II. Features and Functionality

The wide variety of settings on the Jura 13339 Impressa Z5 makes it suitable for users of all experience levels.

1. One-Touch Operation

The Jura 13339 Impressa Z5 is a high-quality, user-friendly option for individuals who value speed and simplicity equally. Espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos, among other coffee specialties, are all just a button press away. The intuitive design of this coffee maker makes it simple to produce all of your favorite beverages.

2. Programmability

While its ease of use is a major selling point, the Jura 13339 Impressa Z5 also has features for individuals who like to tweak their coffee just the way they like it. You may customize the machine to brew coffee to your exact specifications by setting the coffee strength, water volume, and brewing temperature.

3. Dual Spout System

This espresso machine changes the game with its innovative dual spout design. Perfect for hosting visitors or if you just need a little more jolt in the morning, this coffee maker can brew two cups at once. The spouts are height-adjustable, so they can be used with a wide variety of cup sizes.

4. Grinder and Aroma Preservation Lid

The Jura 13339 Impressa Z5 has a built-in conical burr grinder for finely grinding coffee beans. You may adjust the coarseness to your liking thanks to its adjustable grind settings. Your coffee beans will stay fresh and aromatic thanks to the aroma preservation lid.

5. Frothing Wand

This machine’s frothing wand is perfect if you enjoy milk-based beverages. It creates silky, microfoamed milk for lattes and cappuccinos, taking your coffee beverages to the next level of decadence.

III. Performance and Coffee Quality

An espresso machine’s worth is measured by the quality of its coffee output. In this respect, the Jura 13339 Impressa Z5 performs admirably.

1. Brewing Process

The Jura 13339 Impressa Z5’s brewing procedure is artistic. It consistently extracts coffee with a thick layer of crema and a well-balanced taste thanks to its high-pressure pump and accurate temperature control. Whether you like your coffee strong or light, this machine can accommodate your needs.

2. Coffee Temperature

Inadequate temperature control is a typical flaw in home espresso machines. However, this is where the Jura 13339 Impressa Z5 really shines. It helps you get the most taste out of your coffee without scorching the beans by brewing it at the optimal temperature.

3. Coffee Variety

This device’s adaptability is remarkable. The Jura 13339 Impressa Z5 is capable of producing a wide variety of coffee drinks, including espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos. Its engineering prowess is on full display in its capacity to learn your preferences and produce excellent coffee every time.

IV. Maintenance and Cleaning

No matter how high tech an espresso machine is, it still needs regular maintenance to function at its best. The Jura 13339 Impressa Z5 is extremely simple to clean and repair.

1. Self-Cleaning System

The machine’s ability to clean itself is a notable feature. To prevent residue buildup, it automatically cleans and rinses the coffee spouts after each use. This is a time-saving measure that also guarantees your coffee will always taste great.

2. Removable Components

Cleaning is a pleasure because the water reservoir, coffee grounds container, and drip tray are all detachable and dishwasher-safe. To further reduce the frequency of emptying, the used coffee grounds are compressed into a container.

3. Filter and Descaling

The Jura 13339 Impressa Z5 has a water filter that helps prevent scale buildup, making it more durable and reliable over time. Descaling is an important part of routine machine maintenance, and the machine will notify you when it’s time to do it.

V. Pros and Cons

It’s important to think about the benefits and drawbacks of a product before buying it. Listed below are some of the features of the Jura 13339 Impressa Z5:


  • Beautiful craftsmanship that elevates even the humblest kitchen.
  • The coffee can be made with just the press of a button.
  • Adjustable parameters for the discerning coffee connoisseur.
  • Brew two cups at once with the convenient dual-spout design.
  • Premium coffee with a tight-fitting top to lock in the scent.
  • Milk-based beverage frothing wand.
  • Coffee that is reliably extracted at a high standard.
  • Superior temperature regulation ensures optimal brewing conditions.
  • Automatic cleaning and low effort upkeep.


  • The high price tag may be too much for some consumers.
    The machine’s size may be off-putting to some people, especially if they don’t have a lot of free counter space.


The Jura 13339 Impressa Z5 espresso machine is a benchmark of quality in the industry. Coffee connoisseurs who expect the best will find it hard to pass up due to its beautiful design, convenient functions, and high quality coffee. Those who appreciate the comfort and ease of having café-quality coffee right in their own homes may find the higher initial cost justified.

The Jura 13339 Impressa Z5 is a masterpiece of coffee brewing technology that will ensure your every cup is a delight to drink and reflect upon. More than just a coffee maker, this espresso machine is a monument to the craft and science of espresso.

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