How to Grill Hotdogs on Stove?

Do you want to know “How to Grill Hotdogs on Stove?”? From the snack table to the dinner plate, hot dogs are a favourite meal for many people. For many people, it is difficult to turn down the offer of having a hot dog, as it tastes scrumptious.

No matter where you are travelling, you will always find a good place to have a tempting hot dog. The good part is that you will enjoy varieties of hotdogs at these places.

As at some places, they serve beef hotdogs. While at others, they serve chicken or turkey meat hotdogs. Be it the Chicago-styled hotdog or the junkyard-cheese hotdog, they taste amazing. You can never run out of variety when you crave some yummy hotdogs.

The problem occurs when you are stuck at a place with no hot dog joint nearby. But what if we tell you some easy way out to prepare a hot dog at home? Yes, you can fulfil your hot dog craving by getting some pan-fry hot dogs for yourself.

People usually cook hotdogs using grill or oven only. But, if you do not have an oven or a grill, do not worry. You can prepare your steaming hot dog using a stove also.

We will help you know how to grill hotdogs on stove. It is not a new method to cook hotdogs, as in many countries hot dogs are being cooked and served using this cooking method only.

Now, let’s check how you can prepare hot dogs on the stove with ease.

Get ready with the ingredients and equipment:

To prepare mouth-watering hot dogs on the stove, you will need buns, sausage, and toppings (of your choice).

Coming to the equipment, you will need a skillet or a frying pan (whichever is available).

Other than this, you will need tongs, a plate to serve, and an electric stove.

How to Grill Hotdogs on Stove?

Are you ready to make the stovetop hot dogs? Then, use these simple steps to treat yourself to a home-cooked hotdog.

Follow these steps to grill hot dogs on the stove:

1st Step: Get sausages or frankfurters out of the freezer:

Before you start cooking the sausages, we recommend keeping them out of the freezer for a few minutes. Else, it will take more time to grill sausages due to them being cold.

2nd Step: Start with heating the skillet or frying pan

Start with adding a few drops of water to the frying pan. Then, switch on the electric stove and keep the frying pan on it, but on low flame.

Let the water start evaporating, as by then, your frying pan will be ready to grill the sausages.

To cook the sausages properly, it is always better to keep the frying pan on low flame only.

3rd Step: Get sausages for cooking

By now, your sausages must not be as chilling as before. Now, without wasting time, put them on the hot frying pan.

If you have a big frying pan, you can easily add on around 6 to 7 sausages at a time. Let the sausages stay on the frying pan for 1 minute.

After that, roll them 90 degrees. Allow your sausages to cook perfectly by turning them 90 degrees after every one minute until you cook each side.

Repeat the same process to grill hot dogs on the stove properly. Turn off the electric stove, as your sausages are now ready.

By cooking all the sides again for a minute, ensure that the hot dogs get ready to eat. You will see that all the sides are brownish.

4th Step: Add the sausages to the bun

Once you took the grilled sausages out of the frying pan, it’s now time to add them to the bun.

Before adding them to the bun, heat the bun on the frying pan.

If you want your buns to taste better, add some butter to the inner part. Then, heat the bun on a medium flame for 2 minutes.

5th Step: Final Step

Finally, it’s now time to add your favourite topping on the skillet hot dogs. You can choose the toppings of your choice, according to your taste.

Be it the mustard sauce or the hot sauce, peanut butter or cheese, chillies, or jalapenos choice is yours. And here, your hotdog is ready to get in your mouth, so enjoy it.


We hope you have enjoyed cooking hot dogs on the stove. Now, you know pretty well how to grill hotdogs on the stove so, you can make them anytime. Next time, you will not be able to make an excuse that you cannot cook hotdogs without a grill.

You can prepare these tempting hotdogs any time if you have all ingredients. It will help you have a hot dog ready with your favourite topping.

And it gives you a chance to experiment with more toppings and different sausages too. So, grill or no grill, but you can have your hotdog meals anytime.

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