How to Clean a Burnt Pan with Salt?

Are you accidentally burnt your kitchen pan? Oh, that’s ok! Today I am going to share with you how to clean a burnt pan with salt. Read more for “How to Clean a Burnt Pan with Salt?”.

In our busy schedule, sometimes our mind does not stick to one thing.
That’s why we forgot and have mistaken with us.

Stroy of mine! A few weeks ago, when I boil milk in my kitchen, I have a phone call, and then I completely forgot about my kitchen. After detecting the smell, I discovered that my boiled milk was destroyed, and my pan had burned.

Today I share what I do after burning my pan and how I can clean it.

So are you excited to know?
In this article, I will share with you some steps. You can follow all the steps and got the result.

How to Clean a Burnt Pan with Salt in Less Than 10 Minutes:

After discussing all step, I will share with you all the ingredients to clean your burnt pan:

  1. Salt (kosher salt)
  2. Lemon
  3. Warm Water
  4. scrub sponge
  5. Baking Soda

That’s all. Let’s see how we clean our burnt pan?

Follow these steps:

  1. Soak your burnt pan.
  2. Boil the water.
  3. Scrub the salt using a scrub sponge
  4. Rinse and dry your pan

1.Soak your burnt pan:

In the first step, After cooling your pan, take it and soak it. Now take some salt and put some warm water on the pan.

Make sure water has flowed all around the pan. Now, wait for 2 to 3 minutes.

2.Boil the water:

After a few minutes later, Take your pan, put it on your stove, and boil it. And then scrub a tiny piece of lemon or vinegar.

Now with salt and acid, it makes it a powerful cleaner. Now let’s see, without any trouble, your saltwater will bubble.

3.Scrub the salt using a scrub sponge:

After ten minutes of bubble your water, wait for a few minutes to cool your pan. Always remember, don’t scrab your pan when it hot.

Could you take a few minutes to cool it? Now you can scrab it using your scrub sponge. Make sure you are wearing gloves.

4.Rinse and dry your pan:

Last but not least, You can wash your pan using water or soup. And then leave it for dry. A few minutes later, Your pan will be successfully clean. That’s it.

It’s so simple, right? Be careful, Safety First.

How to Clean a Severely Burnt Pan with Soda:

Do you know, Soda is another effective removal. Baking Soda is a great cleaning agent, it has a mild alkali, and it can cause dirt and grease to dissolve easily in water.

It’s a fantastic cleaning trick like salt. First of all, Take some baking soda(replace with salt) and put it on the Pan. Also, take some water and then soak around the Pan.

After some time, boil that water and wait for a few minutes. After that, when it will be relaxed, you can scrub the Soda. Now rinse and dry it.
That’s all. You successfully clean your Pan. Now it will be shining.


That’s it for today. I hope you like this. Cleaning your pan with salt, soda is easy. Follow all the steps and do it yourself. If you like this article make sure to share it. Because sharing is caring.

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