How Long to Wait Before Putting Food in a New Fridge?

Most of the time, people make the mistake of putting food in the new refrigerator just after installing it. But let me tell you, this is the wrong way as it leads to the risk of damaging your fridge. Now people have questioned why I should wait? How Long to Wait Before Putting Food in a New Fridge? Is there any specific time to wait to keep food in the cooling unit?

The answers to these questions depend upon what kind of refrigerator you have bought. Various factors need to keep in mind before putting food into it as it seems simple, but it is not.

How Long to Wait Before Putting Food in a New Fridge?

There is no specific time rule which you need to follow for waiting before putting food inside the new refrigerator, but the ideal time to wait is 4 hours before putting food into your new refrigerator.

Normally it takes about 2 hours for the new fridge to start cooling. If you wait for this number of hours, that will help your refrigerator acquire its full functionalities like properly cooled water, precise internal temperature, and precise batches of ice creation.

So we can say the new refrigerator takes Hours depending upon the brand which you have chosen to reach the optimum temperature for putting food inside it.

What is the Downside of Loading the Refrigerator before the 2 Hour Timeframe?

Now the question comes, what if I put the food before 2 hours timeframe so my friend there is a lot wrong can happen. The food can cause an unpleasant odor inside the new refrigerator.

Also, if you put the food inside the refrigerator before the time frame refrigerator takes so much time to be chilled that it increases the load on the machine that means it will not function properly as it should be.

Apart from these, there are chances that the freezer’s temperature will be on a higher side compared to the recommended temperature, which affects cooling.

So we can say one should have to face the downside in functionality, temperature, and food if they load the refrigerator before the time frame.

Can you put food in the new fridge right away?

No, it is not recommended practice to put the food in the new fridge right away by refrigerators’ manufacturers.

They recommend waiting for the optimum time of 2-4 hours so that fridge will reach its optimum temperature of cooling and function properly. After that, one should be patient before switching it on and putting food inside it.

Also one should not put dirty appliances in the fridge it should be cleaned properly before putting it. These things will help you keep your food taste unchanged and let the fridge work properly for a longer time.

Can you use a new refrigerator immediately?

No, you cannot use a new refrigerator immediately. Instead, you have to wait for the ideal time prescribed by the company, which is within 2-4 hours, so that fridge will reach the temperature of 40 F0 to keep your food safe.

How long does it take for a freezer to get cold enough for its proper usage?

The time taken by the freezer to get cold enough varies from company to company. But generally, it takes 12-24 hours to become cool for freezing food in it.

You can test the coolness of the freezer by putting an ice cube tray filled with water inside the freezer, and when the ice cubes got frozen, your freezer is ready to freeze your food.

Also, one should keep the freezer door shut so that the air will not go out as if leave it to lose; it takes more time to become cool for storing food in it.

What to do before putting food in a new Fridge?

Certain steps need to be followed before putting food in a new fridge. The steps are as follows:

  • Clean it properly: here I am talking about cleaning your new fridge. Are you wondering why I am saying to clean the new one? Because the chemicals are used when manufacturing it, and packing and boxing are there, you need to clean it properly to make it hygienic for storing food in it. For cleaning, you can use a piece of a soft cloth and soapy water for cleaning it.
  • Plugin the new refrigerator:  plug in the refrigerator after 2-4 hours of standing it still.
  • Check the temperature:  one should continuously monitor the temperature after every 30 minutes. Then check whether the temperature is 00F after 2 hours or not.
  • Let your hot food cool:  now your fridge is ready for putting hot meals inside it. But, first, make sure you keep hot meals close to the freezer compartment.
  • Arrange your edibles:  now you can put your fruits, vegetables inside the fridge. But do not non-perishable food inside the refrigerator. We do not recommend placing non-perishable in it as it spoils the temperature of the refrigerator. Food like ice cream, berries for smoothies and cold drinks, etc.  It should be stored in the freezer compartment.


If we conclude seeing all aspects about using the new refrigerator, we can say that one should not put the food before 2-4 hours of cooling the fridge.

Also, one should follow the steps of using the new refrigerator not to ruin the machine and use it for a longer time safely.

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