CitiZ Nespresso C120 Automatic Espresso Maker review

People who love espresso, latte, and cappuccino cannot help themselves but spend too much on a Starbucks cup. But with the CitiZ Nespresso C120 Automatic Espresso Maker and Milk Frother, you feel like you become a full-pledged barista at the comfort of your own home, without worrying about spending bucks for the same old coffee variety you come to love in coffee shops. Read for “CitiZ Nespresso C120 Automatic Espresso Maker review”

What You Should Be Looking For in an Espresso Machine:

When you feel like you have the urge of having a cup of espresso each day, that’s the time you decide to get a coffee and espresso maker. But purchasing whatever you see in stores or online is ill-advised.

You have to know what the factors are when it comes to getting your ideal machine. You cannot settle on a manual type when you don’t have enough experience in experimenting with coffee drinks or you cannot go for a super-automatic when you want to give a bit more personal touch on every cup. Aside from the machine type, you also have to look at:

  1. Design & Built
  2. Size & Weight
  3. Price & Discount

Again, there are a lot of things to consider when you finally make your mind up about purchasing a coffee machine. Being a coffee addict, a close friend once told me that she loves cappuccino so much that she just went on to buy the first coffee maker she saw at the mall.

CitiZ Nespresso C120 Automatic Espresso Maker review

But the problem was, it never really catered her desire for the perfect cup of cappuccino. What I’m emphasizing is that you have to know what you want before deciding to buy a certain brand or type of espresso maker.

Notable Features:

Consequently, CitiZ Nespresso C120 Automatic Espresso Maker and Milk Frother provide you most of the functions and capabilities of a typical espresso maker while at the same time ensuring you produce the best tasting coffee variety for your fancy.

Here’s a look at some of its primary features:

Single Serve Automatic Type:

One of the distinctive features of the CitiZ Nespresso C120 is its single-serve function. Although you can only make one cup of espresso at a time, what it does is ensure that the same cup is perfect, flawless, and unblemished.

It produces coffee so quick and all you have to do is just push a single button. The entire process is finished in a matter of two minutes or less.

CitiZ Nespresso Capsules:

CitiZ Nespresso C120 Automatic Espresso Maker and Milk Frother are best with CitiZ Nespresso capsules. These ready-to-make coffee capsules are readily available online and you can practically put them in your machine and in a couple of minutes you get an instant espresso. Expect a searing and perfectly hot cup of espresso and cappuccino!

Aeroccino Milk Frother:

The majority of coffee makers are limited to producing certain types of drinks. But with Nespresso, you’ll definitely love the added Aeroccino Milk Frother feature.

The machine can make milk-based coffee varieties like cappuccino, latte, macchiato, and others. Basically, what you get is two types of coffee machines packed in one device.

High-Pressure Bar Pump:

If you want the best and finest espresso or cappuccino cup, you have to determine the pressure level of your machine. With the CitiZ Nespresso C120, you get a full 19 bar pump high-pressure capacity machine that is able to pressurize water to the max and push it towards the espresso.

The most prominent disadvantage of manual and steam-driven coffee makers is that they lack the power needed for the ideal crema. But with Nespresso, you’ll get the most out of every cup!

Energy Saving Mode:

There are only a few espresso coffee machines that are energy savers, and this automatic machine is one of them. The energy-saving mode is specially made to provide users with the option of saving power.

It automatically reduces power consumption when the machine is turned on but not used for a certain period. While the power of the machine is significantly reduced, the level of quality of each cup of espresso is maintained.

Adjustable Tray:

Another great feature of Nespresso is the adjustable tray that can accommodate varying sizes of cups. This comes in handy with your different requirements and moods.

There are days when you opt for a small cup or mug and there are days when you need to fill up your travel cup. Whatever the size of your coffee cup is, CitiZ Nespresso C120 caters it.

Thermoblock Technology:

This trademark feature is combined with a stainless steel heating component that lets users determine and control a certain and exact temperature for their coffee. For coffee fanatics who are very keen on making their coffee as perfect as possible, this innovative technology is very valuable.

What About the Price?

There are several buying options for you as soon as you decide to get the CitiZ Nespresso C120 Automatic Espresso Maker. Many online e-commerce and auction sites offer varying prices. You can also go to the company’s website for more information about the availability of stocks.

But when it comes to the price, Amazon provides the best deal. The site is offering it below $350, which is lower compared to other sellers.

Warranty Offer:

The CitiZ Nespresso C120 Automatic Espresso Maker and Milk Frother are delivered with one full year of manufacturer’s warranty in every purchase.

What Past Customers Say About the Product:

If you go to, you’ll find that the summary of user reviews give the product a perfect five out of five stars. This corresponds to the fact that it has impressed most if not all of the customers who bought it. Here’s a list of some of those reviews:

  • “It gave me the best espresso/cappuccino that I’ve come upon so far.”
  • “Nespresso is the real thing among all espresso machines since it produces the best full-bodied crema like the one you get from a barista.”
  • “It is very well designed and fitting to use even if you’re a newbie.”
  • “The milk frother deserves a great credit!”
  • “What can I say, I am very impressed with the flavour made out of it plus it’s so easy to use.”
  • “The Aeroccino add-on is like the icing on the cake. It simply made this machine the best automatic coffee maker.”
  • “The resulting product of this machine will simply amaze you!”
  • “I have owned Italian coffee equipment before but this one made me decide to keep it for good.”

How About Customer Complaints?

If you want to know if a certain product benefits you, you have to honestly look for its weakness or downside. As for the CitiZ Nespresso C120 Automatic Espresso Maker and Milk Frother, there is almost zero negative feedback from previous and current owners.

Perhaps the only complaint worth mentioning is the limited option for making drinks since the machine exclusively uses CitiZ Nespresso capsules.

However, some people don’t realize that they can actually experiment with milk and other combos for creating a new variety of drinks.

Where to Purchase the CitiZ Nespresso C120 Automatic Espresso Maker and Milk Frother?

Aside from the company’s official site, there are also several other e-commerce sites that offer this very popular machine at varying prices.

But if you are not sure about any online store you stumble, the best place to make a secure purchase is still Amazon. And the best thing is that they provide free shipping!

More Information and Reviews:

When it comes to reading user and customer reviews about this machine, Amazon provides the most accurate and trusted ones.

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